Monday, April 27, 2009

I also wanted to share some photos from the weekend!Below are two cute pics of my kids before heading out to play at the park! Jordan insisted that baby needed to come with us, and lately Josh has been impossible to get a photo of... so this is pretty much him in photos now!

My daughter also had a photo shoot for her upcoming dance recital... well, she was so excited to look like a real ballerina! She loved posing for the camera! The funny thing was I am sooooooooo not good at "getting her all dolled up"... and so they all helped to make sure everything was perfect for her when she got her photo taken... I had to laugh because I had no make up to put on her... her skirt was on upside down, and her bangs weren't back (like I could do that!!) all in all the pics turned out so cute... and here is a shot of her before they "adjusted" her:

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