Wednesday, April 14, 2010

I'm Back!!

I know I haven't been around... but its all for a good cause! We were away in Myrtle Beach! The weather was so fantastic there for this time of year, it was unreal! We did tons of fun things- from playing on the beach, to boogie boarding for the first time, mini putting, and of course way to much to eat!

I wish we had more time down there, but I guess we had to get back to work! We got home Sat. Night and I have been busy unpacking and getting stuff cleaned up and ready in the daycare! Its funny how fast time goes! So nothing scrappy but here are some vacation photos for ya!

This was the SUNRISE... yes I was up early enough on a regular basis with the kiddos to witness this!

Jordan catching a wave!!! She tried boogie boarding for the first time down there, and was REALLY good at it! Not bad for a 5 year old!

Another picture with her boogie board!

Jordan LOVED playing in the ocean! This was her first time, and she was a little dare devil!

Another beach picture!

Jordan loved the DIXIE STAMPEDE SHOW that gramma took us too! She loved her new pink princess cowgirl hat!!

Jordan flying a kite for the first time!!!

Josh was another story this vacation!! I am having such a hard time trying to get a photo of him. I ask him to look at mommy or the camera, and he immediately runs and turns the other way! I am lucky I got these ones! lol! Josh loved playing in the sand, and loved the ocean, but did think it was a bit cold!

Josh takes all sports so seriously, and playing mini putt for the first time was no exception!! He LOVED it, and made sure to beat the "girls" team! He treated the club and ball like a hockey stick trying to get the "puck" into the hole... but it worked... yes the boys did beat us... but I might add, it was only by one... !

We took the kids to Broadway on the Beach for them to Build a bear and build a car!!

Another picture of Jordan with Fluff on our 11th floor balcony!

This is one of my fav's This was taken one hour before having to leave for the airport :(... They loved the beach so much, it was a shame to have to go!

I have so many photos and lots to scrap now! The best part is, I am off to Scrapfest on Friday for some major shopping... can't wait!!!! Stay tuned!!!


Cathy in Canada said...

Looks like your kids had a wonderful time and it sounds like Mom did too! Great photos! Nothing like photos at the beach--they always turn out so well!

Rebecca said...

Looks like you all had a wonderful vacation! Welcome Back :)

Deanna said...

Great photos Jodi! You are right! The last one is priceless!!! I'm doing a TRAVEL theme in Monday's DWD class (26th of April) if you'd like to join! Did you make it to the aquarium? That was Matty's favourite place!

jillofallcrafttrades said...

oh sweet jodi,you were back and now youre gone again!i do hope your prgnancy is going well and much less sickly!

jillofallcrafttrades said...

I just wanted to say Happy Birthday Jodi,as I know its your birthday today!