Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Back to School... and Back to Work!

Well, its finally back to school for my kids! This was a big year for us, as Jordan heads off for her first FULL day of school, she is now in grade one, and breaks my heart to know how fast she is now growing up! On the first day, she was up, with her bed made, dressed, and breakfast all gone by 7 am! I couldn't believe it! Then she was saying "Can I go to school, now?" She had a great first day, and is so excited to be at the big playground. Here are some photos of her right before the bus came to pick her up:

Well, I am also back to work this week! My program is up and running, and here is something that I created for circle time. Its a special delivery box, that I made for the special helper to open at the start of each circle time. Inside the mailbox, there will be an item or a topic card, that will be discussed! We have used it for two days, and the kids get so excited when they get to open it! You can get these little mailboxes at the SCRAPPING NOOK, (made my Maya Road)... and they are SOOOOOOOO fun to decorate (I used Farm Fresh line by October Afternoon)!!! Here are some photos:

Finally, Friday is going to be a REALLY BIG DAY!!! Josh is heading for his first day at Junior Kindergarten. Well its his trial day with mommy and daddy! We will be there for an hour with him, and then on Monday he heads off in the afternoon on the bus! ahhhh! I can't believe how fast he is growing up!

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