Monday, October 4, 2010

Gone to the cottage... a reveal... and my ALL ABOUT BABIES class is tonight!

It was a busy week last week, with preparing to go to the cottage... who knew that packing up three kids on a Thursday night, would take me all week to do... and we still left an hour behind schedule! We had a great time, and even the weather was cold, it stayed pretty sunny the whole time! The first day we ventured into the town of Minden, and the kids and I went into the "dollar store" where we got some fun arts and crafts supplies for them to play with! The result was lime green hands for my daughter, messy pants for my son, and a very colourful rock! Got to love the sidewalk chalk! Here are some photos from the "event":

The leaves at the cottage were at their peek!... Here is one shot I got from across the lake:

We also were able to fit in some hiking (well kind of- I got freaked out with the baby being so young, and not in a pack! lol!) Here are some more shots:

(Can you believe how big Taylor is? She loved it outside, but wasn't so fond of her cheetah hat!)

(oh my goodness... a picture of me!! A little blurry I know, but I thought I would post one!)

Finally, one of my favorites- Joshy being so proud to be a big brother... its funny how much taylor takes from the kids, and I am always saying "be gentle with the baby"... and SHE LOVES all the bouncing around and roughness... I guess she has to in this house:

Before I left, I posted at the Scrapping Nook about my upcoming ALL ABOUT BABIES class... and its tonight! It completely full too- yippee! Its going to be a great time! Here is what we will be creating:

A double layout of the birth story! This is a gender neutral layout.

And then there will be a choice of the more girly layout or more boyish layout (they are both similar) Here they are:

How fun are these!! I can't believe how much Taylor looked like Josh now as a baby!! Same chinny-chin-chin!!!

Okay last reveal until tomorrow.... my last September layout for The Scrapping Nook:

I used up some more of my LYB BOOVILLE LINE!!... I still have tons to play with, and I may save some for this years Halloween!!!

At the cottage, I was able to scrap some more with the Scrapping Nook's Oct Kit... so come back tomorrow for a peek of what I created, and I will be posting the challenge that is going on over at SCRAPCETERA KITS!!!


Frances said...

Sweet, sweet pics and I totally love all of your layouts!!

Mara... said...

Wonderful photos Jodi!! The photo of the leaves is just soooo pretty!! And I love the layouts!