Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving!!

Happy Thanksgiving, to all my fellow Canadians!! Its amazing how fast it goes when a long weekend is here! I guess it doesn't help, that Taylor and I were sick this weekend, so that limited our activities! On Saturday, Josh had his second ball hockey game, which I would have loved to go to take some pictures since it was so nice, but little miss Taylor, needed some extra lovin' from me. Jordan had dance, and in the afternoon, my husband took the two of them to St. John's for a hike. Taylor and I hung out sleeping and cuddling (which isn't so bad!)... Sunday we hung out again, and went to my dad's for a little gobble gobble... and by Monday we met up with all the cousins (my sister!)... The kids love playing together, and we never seem to get together enough, being 2 hours apart :(.... The kids tried on the Halloween costumes I picked up at once upon a child...and Jordan wouldn't take her's off. Kayden has decided to be Hannah Montana now, and well Lindsay, although she LOVED the costume, it is a bit big for her this year!

Here are some pics:
(don't mind Jordan's hair, she refused to let me put it out of her eyes.. but she does make a cute princess!)

Aren't these the cutest costumes!! I am so trying to convince Jordan to be Ragedy Ann for at least her School party!!!

Well I hope to get some scrapping done tonight! I want to get started on the Creative Scrappers Sketch! Its a great one this week!!! Check it out: here. They are celebrating 125 sketches so there is lots of inspiration and lots to won!!


Rebecca said...

Cute photos--the Raggedy Ann costume is beautiful :)

meluv2scrap said...

Great pic!! I love your spider LO in the other post saw it at 3SB last night!

Aubree said...

Adorable costumes!! I wish my girls would both dress in cute costumes...instead my 7 year old wants to be a skeleton ninja.

laterg8r said...

cutest raggedy ann i've ever seen, happy thanksgiving :D