Saturday, January 1, 2011


Here I was blog surfing... to come across this at BEST CREATION INC ; they were announcing their new design team!

USA Team

Julie Walton- California
Nancy Burke-Idaho
Kim Holmes- Washington State
Debbie Sherman- Wyoming
Sarah Mullanix- Indiana
Nicole Wise- Maine
Liz Chidester- Utah
Kim Arledge- Texas
Brittny Lejeune- California

International Team

Alicia Barry- Australia
Tracey Taylor- Canada
Petra Offrell- Sweden
Katarina Damm- Norway
Jona Saavedra- Philippians
Karen Thind- Canada
Irit Shalom- Israel
Tina McDonald- Canada
Jodi Wilton- Canada

Card Team

Emily Branch- California
Karen Taylor- Missouri
Sandy Ang- Singapore

Monthly Guest Designers
Amarilys Doria
Mireille Divjak (Pula)
Stacey Rodriguez
Shannon Morgan

EEK!!! So excited to be part of the team and to be involved with such an amazing FUN company!!!! I absolutely LOVE all their paper... and their new lines are AMAZING!!! Thanks for letting me share!!!


Mara... said...

Big congrats Jodi!!!

Chelle said...

What a way to find out..congrats Jodi.

Rebecca said...

Super cool! Congrats!!!

jonaks said...

congrats!!! so excited to be working with you this year!

Aubree said...

awesome news Jodi -- congrats!