Monday, January 3, 2011

The Scrapping Nook- a class, a crop and a challenge!

Can you believe another post from me!? Thought I would share with a layout from my upcoming class. My ALL ABOUT BABIES class at the Scrapping Nook will take place this coming Monday, January 10th at 7 pm. If you are in the Niagara Region come on out and play! Please call the store at 905-732-9994. We will be making a gender neutral double layout & you will be able to choose from the baby girl single layout or the baby boy single layout. I will be showing a technique using crepe paper, and some stamping techniques! Here is the single boy layout:

Now some exciting news from the NOOK.... the nook is having its 1 year Birthday! That's right, its been one year since it reopened its doors in its new location! We will be celebrating online with a crop FULL of cool challenges and games... as well PRIZES (and lets not forget the sale that is planned to make room for new products!!) If you are in the Niagara Region be sure to stop by the store for in-store make and takes and more!

Finally, my good friend Margo has posted a challenge on the nook board- CLEAN YOUR SCRAP SPACE (yikes!)... I hope I am not the only one that has a very "scary" space right now. I marvel when i go on line to see beautiful scrap rooms that are so neat and organized... yes I am not one of them. I am fortunate enough to have a small room that I can call my scrap room, however it is so full of mess that I can hardly walk in there right now. I tip toe through looking for things and I end up scrapping upstairs. I do have to share my room with daycare things, can that be my excuse? Anyways I am participating in the challenge and I am also offering a PRIZE here too! You have until the end of the month to post a link of your b4 messy scrap space, and your new and improved scrap space! I will randomly draw one winner at the end of the month with a box full of goodies (it will be a great box of me purging!) So link up and play along... okay close your eyes, here is my space (let me know I'm not alone too... )

Yes, there is a work space there... somewhere???

More "bins" full of stuff! You like the TV? I use it to place stamps that have to be cleaned on it! Me bad!!!

Yes I have a window and yes a shelf, which I seem to PILE things on!! EKKK!!

What is in these? I don't know!!! I don't seem to use them... They just keep getting full!!!

Okay, I have a great organizer, which it does help!! But I need to replace the empty spools of ribbon! oops!! Love my other work space... covered!

I think this is the neatest corner! lol!
Yes that is a guitar!! No it is not mine... It use to be in our bedroom, but the playpen is up there, so I had to compromise... hmmm... see the big totes at the bottom... these are FILLED with layouts... yes, another resolution PUT MY LAYOUTS IN ALBUMS!!

Yes this is what I resorted to... scrapping here! lol! Yes that is my tote on my high chair! I thank my husband for not saying more about it!

Okay that's it! I am determined to clean up my space!!! I will post as i sort, clean and purge... come play along with me, and let me know I won't be disappointed!


Janice V said...

Ahh...sadly Jodi, you are not alone! My space looks very much like yours! However, I did spend a good part of yesterday cleaning and organizing and I think I may have found the floor!! Good luck with your cleaning and purging.

Please do not enter me into the draw. I have enough of my own junk -- I mean scrappbooking stuff... ;-)

Gillian said...

Bwaa haaa haaa. You are not alone Jodi...but I have faith in your organizing ability as I remember a time when I was very jealous of your neat and scrap friendly space!

Aubree said...

you are certainly not alone! I too need to clean and purge!!

TracyM said...

thanks for sharing - head on over to my blog for a peek of mine...

Kim said...

lots of luck with our clean Jodi

Rebecca said...

I purge almost 2ce a year for a yard sale at my LSS so I probably dont have as much stuff but there are some areas that are still ridiculously unorganized.
Love that layout--all the stars are so sweet.

pysselpetra said...

What a cosy scrap place you have there.
I look foreward to designing with you at the 2011 Best Creation Design Team!