Tuesday, February 22, 2011

A picture for you....

My friend Deanna posted some pictures this morning for me from our photoshoot, earlier in the month... and here is one of my fav's!

This is just a snip-it, and I just realized that it has my name on it too!... but isn't Taylor a cutie?? Can't wait to show you more once I get the CD.... See more of Deanna's work: here. She is so talented!!!

On a sadder note, we are thinking about our family in Christchurch, New Zealand... everyone is safe, but the overall devastation is crazy.... Send some thoughts our way :) Hope everyone has a great Tuesday!


Kim said...

GOSH Jodi you have been busy with all tose layouts in the previous psots, gorgeous gorgeous, and whata stunning photo how cool will that look scrapped, heres to your family and friends being safe

Rebecca said...

goodness she is a little doll! What a fabulous photo!