Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Luv-a-Lot Daycare

Hi everyone!!

So today, I thought I would share with you some pics of my home daycare... I closed the daycare today, since Taylor had a fever of 103 yesterday, and now with her napping, and the older two kiddos at school, I got to clean up a bit and take some photos of the daycare! We recently moved it upstairs, as I was constantly running up and down the stairs, and in the end seemed to be spending more time in our living space with the kids than downstairs in the daycare room. So my great big idea was to switch everything. I LOVE IT!! I love having more space downstairs to our selves... and I;m finally looking forward to decorating (HAHAHA... just need the time to do it!!)

So my daycare is called Luv-a-Lot Daycare... and which is why my blog is called Luv-a-Lot Land, and many of you know me as luvalotmum on the boards too! I am lucky enough to be full with kids year round AND lucky enough this summer to take two days off a week to spend with my kiddos on summer activities. (love having teachers kids!)... So here it is:

Don't you just love the wall stickers from Me an My BIG Ideas! I love them!! My newest decor item for the daycare!!

I still have to take some photos of the outside too... :).... Thanks for letting me share!! Now off to scrapbook, before Taylor wakes up!


Rebecca said...

what a happy cheerful place with so many toys! no wonder you are always full!

Christine said...

Those kids and parents are blessed to have you! It looks awesome!