Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Labour Day Vacation and First Day of School!

We went away for one last blast of summer this past weekend in our new pop-up trailer!! I have a lot of pictures I am still sorting out, but here is a picture of our new camper:

Thank goodness we had it, because there was a crazy storm on Saturday night, but we stayed nice and dry!  Once again, the kids had a blast playing with their friends  (there were six families there!) and Jordan had a great time "hunting for BIG FOOT"... it was too funny!  We got back last night, and got ready for the first day of school! It was freezing this morning, but that didn't damper Jordan's spirits of school!  Here are her first day pictures:

 She was so excited to have her best friends in her class again, and to have the same teacher as last year! Josh played the cool SK kid, and barely cracked a smile when I said it was time to go to the bus. I think he misses running around outside all day in the summer.  He has a new teacher this year, which I know he is going to love! Here are his first day pictures:

 I have a few things to share this week, so stay tuned!! I am loving this quiet nap time again! Yippee, for school starting again!

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Rebecca said...

Enjoy the quiet and those first few weeks before the schedules get insane again!!