Friday, October 14, 2011

Seasons in the Daycare!

Hi everyone! I remembered to post my weekly daycare post!... This week, was a short week due to Thanksgiving, but we managed to squeeze in lots of fun activities!  The kids learned about the different seasons, and we talked about the different activities that we do during each season! I LOVE summer and fall.... I could do without the whole winter thing, though!  Here is a group craft we did together this week:

 Tessa is holding it up for me, but here is a closer look:

 I love doing group crafts, and this one was so much fun! We stamped snowflakes on the tree for winter, put fall leaves on the tree and on the ground for fall, we punched out green leaves and glued them on the tree for summer, and we finger stamped the leaves for spring, and punched pink blossoms out for spring too! The kids loved this, and so did I!!

We also had "C " Day, where we learned what sound it makes, and we learned lots of words that C started with! Here is our C craft:

Corn (well Indian Corn!)... we punched out circles and then added them to precut ears of corn!

Finally, ever wonder what it looks like at snack time? Its always a little chaotic and messy... but always fun! Here is my snack group (minus picture shy Josh!) on Friday morning! I think it was scrambled eggs and toast, and I added banana and strawberries too! Yummy:

That's my always happy Lilly! Looks like Lauren took her bib off! 

Thanks for letting me share more of a glimpse into my daycare world!

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