Friday, November 25, 2011

Stamps to Colouring Pages

Hi everyone! Did everyone have a busy week! I know I did! We were at my sisters this past weekend, and every time we are away, I feel like we play catch-up during the week! I finally feel like we have "caught" up and its already the weekend (well almost!)... Today is my day on the Gel-a-tin Blog and its a fun one!!!  Having a home daycare, I am constantly trying to find ways to use my scrappy supplies and to get the kids interested in crafting!  After receiving the ONCE UPON A TIME stamp from Gel-a-tins, I knew I needed to incorporate it into my StoryBook Theme week at the end of November!  The stamp has LOTS of detail and is perfect for cards, but not for toddlers to colour in! So I tried to photocopy the image and enlarge it at the same time! It worked perfectly and I love the results!  I made a poster to introduce the theme of the week:

You can see the small stamped image at the bottom! These stamps are amazing and really hold up when photocopying the image! I was worried about losing the detail, but the results were amazing!!   Here are a few of the kids exploring the wonderful world of Gel-a-tin's Stamps:

 We also used the Castle Stamp to colour a couple of castles to re-create the Jack in the Beanstalk story! Here is a picture of our "wall art"...


Today was also our DRESS UP IN YOUR FAVORITE FAIRY TALE COSTUME! Pictures will come soon!

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