Friday, January 13, 2012

It's finally Snowing and my Gel-a-tin Reveal

Happy Friday Everyone!

I am so glad its Friday! It was a very LONG week, trying to get back into the swing of things with work, activities, and of course adjusting to the time change from our New Zealand trip. When we were away, the weather was fantastic here (so I'm told!), but today we finally got a taste of winter. Josh was up, dressed, and outside playing in the snow at 8am, and Jordan (and the rest of the school age kids) shortly after.  It was FREEZING outside, but they didn't seem to mind (especially since I gave them some hot chocolate before getting on the bus for school).  The younger kids were a different story. It was too cold to go outside and play in it, so why not bring the snow INSIDE, right? A scary thought, at first, but the kids LOVED it! I put the snow in a bin, and added our "snow plows"and people. Seth decided that animals needed to go in too. After, Josh and Derek, made snow pizza's. I love it, when you see their creativity come out!  Taylor loved it, but liked getting dressed up with her hat and boots before playing more.

Here is a picture of this activity (Derek and Seth)

Josh ventured out back on his own to play in the snow again:

Some more activities that we did this week included: SNOWBALL COUNTING, SNOWBALL THROWS, PASS THE SNOWBALL, and LOTS of crafts!  The kids had a blast with the styrofoam balls, and played with them throughout the week, inventing their own games at times. 

Some scrappy news: I'm up on the Gel-a-tins Blog today! You can see my post: HERE.   I used the sewing kit stamp set (love this set!), to create this card:

Hope everyone has a fantastic weekend! We are hoping to get the Christmas decorations down, and to pack away the Christmas daycare things too... hopefully MORE decluttering too!


Mara... said...

Look at that snow!! Please keep it for yourself, looks too cold for me. :-) And such a cute card, too!

Rebecca said...

Cute card! love all the faux stitching!