Monday, January 2, 2012

Only a few more days, but the excitement continues!

Hi everyone! The final few days are winding down now, and we have been busy with lots of activities. Since I have last blogged, we have gone on a few walks, said goodbye to our family members, and had our last family reunion event in Queenstown.

We went for a walk with our two nephews, and yes, I finally got a picture of me!  Here is me with Taylor on my back, and my 11 year old nephew, who is already taller than me!

For our last family event we went for nice little cruise on an old steamship, and then for a nice dinner, and finally a sheep show! Here are some pictures from that event:

 Many of the cousins:  Taylor, Josh, Kodi, Indy, Ben, Hunter, and Jordan!

This was our New years eve trip, and Taylor, Josh and Jordan stayed awake until 10:30 pm. Josh fell asleep for the car ride home at 11:15, and Jordan shortly after that. After, we settled down  for a New Years Drink on the deck with Taryn's parents.

The next day, the kids were exhausted, and not in the best of moods, so we stayed put, and let them rest up! Today was different! Another jam packed day full of activity!  We went for a drive and did a walk at the Blue Pools.  These two pictures were at a look at point on our way there! It was such a beautiful day!

When we finally got there the walk was really nice! Here is a cute picture of all three kids in a tree:

Here is a close up of Taylor:

Josh and Jordan both LOVED stacking rocks at the end of the walk!

We also did a quick 10 minute walk, where we let Taylor try and walk the path! She did great!  Here is the cutest picture of her:

We went for a nice lunch at a local cafe, then I took Jordan and Josh to the local Movie Theatre to see the Adventures of Tin-Tin. Jordan and Josh both loved the movie, but I think they loved the movie theatre better, since it was a small movie theatre that could seat about 40 people maximum, but had old couches and lazy boys, and even a bug car you could sit in! We of course picked the nice leather couch right up from to watch the movie from! We ordered some chips, lollies (candy), and during intermission, we got some ice cream! A very FUN day!  Tomorrow is another busy day, and I am hoping to have one more blog post before we get home!!  Hope everyone had a great New Years!

Jordan and Josh at the Movies:

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