Thursday, March 15, 2012

Couple of Days of FUN!

The last two days have been jam packed full of fun, as my sister and her three kiddos drove down from Toronto to stay with us! The kids are super close in age, so its always so nice to see them playing together.  I think this is the FIRST photo we have ever gotten of all of them together! It was yesterday on a walk RUN around the pond at St. Johns Conservation Park...    I LOVE this photo, and I can't wait to scrap it!  Here it is:

You also have got to love Jordan and my oldest niece, Kayden, they are only 9 months apart,  and got all matchy on us with their outfits:

Josh and Kyle are very different little boys- Josh is all about sports, where Kyle is the sweetest, well mannered, smartest little boy you would ever meet... and ironically they both play SO well together... even if it is a sporting thing.... Kyle always offers to keep score! Speaking of sports, Josh is SUPER thrilled to be playing hockey again outside:

Taylor has been teething, and not to pleasant in the middle of the night, especially since all she says is I WANT MOMMY!....  but during the day, she amazes me on how happy she can be on such little sleep!  She is such a tomboy, and I am a bit worried for this summer, as she is scared of nothing... She loves getting dirty, running, and picking the biggest slide she can!  She can't seem to get enough of being outside! Here are some favorite photos of her from the past couple of days:

Had a super time together, and hoping that our next visit won't be months apart again!  On that note, I thought I would share a card for you that I made with the ALLEY WAY STAMPS! Super love these stamps, and I find I am making more, and more cards lately!  Here it is:

Hoping to catch up on some MUCH needed sleep tonight... and hoping my kids sleep too! Tomorrow is our BIG St Patricks Day party in the daycare, and we have lots planned! Hoping to share some photos of the party with you!


Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

Such cute cute cute photos!! I loveeeeeeeeeeee that card too!! LOVING the hearts!!!!

Amanda Jones said...

Jordan and Kayden could be twins, never mind cousins! Cn't wait to see these pics on your pages :)