Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Springtime Sparkles in the Daycare

Hi everyone! Halfway through the week, and a lot of us in the daycare are still sick with yucky colds. Tis the season, I guess!  The past week and half, we have been learning about all things "SPRING".   We have talked about Rain, Rain Jackets, Boots, Puddles, Umbrellas, Flowers, Blossoms, and SO much more!  Here are some favorite photos:

Kind of a fuzzy photo, but it shows everyone hard at work on their colouring sheet! I think this was on Monday where we were talking about wiggly worms!  Our new little girl: Danica started today :)  

My workout during the morning is pushing the quad stroller through the neighbourhood! BEST investment in the daycare by far! I love to get out and enjoy the fresh air! On this day, we were on a spring hung, where we actually found: birds nest, birds, worms, flowers (of all different colours)... bugs... and more!

One of Taylor's favorite things: DIRT... lucky me! I think she even likes the taste of it... I can't decide whether she is a tomboy or a diva yet... maybe a bit of both :)

Today was R IS FOR RAIN day.  We have started using HANDWRITING WITHOUT TEARS this week, and the kids are LOVING it... We have focused on learning big lines, little lines, little curves, and big curves... the older kids even were able to make lots of R's with the wooden pieces.  

Josh and Julia playing a raindrop game that their Kindergarten teacher taught them! What a great idea Mrs. Boon! All the daycare kids loved Josh teaching them!

And of course we have had LOTS of outdoor play the past couple of weeks:

Derek on the slide
Taylor RUNNING NON STOP, everywhere, all the time!

I love this picture of Taylor.. She is becoming such a little mommy now. She is holding her baby's hand, and is constantly trying to help me in the daycare. She will not have her nap time now until she makes sure everyone is on their beds, with a blanket. If I need something she runs and gets it! Such a good little helper, for such a young little thing!  

Next week we will be doing the theme: DOWN AT THE FARM!


Lisa Lara said...

Such beautiful pictures Jodi. So happy you commented to win my blog candy. Good luck!

Jessica said...

Cute photos! My middle child (she is 3), is definitely part tomboy, part diva, so it is totally possible! She lives to get dirty, but she also loves to dance and pretend to be a princess and she is very particular about how her blankets are put on for nap and bedtime.

Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

Such cuteeeeeeeee photos!!!! I love that four kid stroller you have!