Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Daycare Update

 Parents- make sure you check out my new Daycare Scrappy Wall of OUR MEMORIES :) Lots of cute pictures of your kiddos in action!

It's been almost a week since I have posted anything, and a very long time since I gave my parents a daycare update of what we have been up too!  Let's tackle the daycare update first!... We have been SUPER busy! We have been going outside almost every day to play. While outside we are now doing circle time, running races, and craft time! The kids have loved looking for bugs, and also love it when I get a new book to share under our big tree!  I am sure their most favorite thing this month as been learning about gardening and growing!  We have talked about what makes plants grow, and examined Seeds, leaves, and more. Last week we did our weeding, and the continued to plant our veggie garden for the summer! Here are some pictures my husband took:

Of course, the kids have to help take care of it! They love the watering job :) 

Last week, we also had a birthday party for Grayson! It's hard to believe he is three already!  He got a great birthday present, because that was also the day, that the diggers and trucks came to dig out our driveway! Here is picture of him opening his birthday gift:

Ryder, started back with us again, now that his Mommy and Daddy have had baby Colby, and have gotten use to having another baby in the house (another big congrats Jill and Jeff!) Here is Ryder back on his first day full of big smiles:

Of course who could resist Seth! He always takes such good photos:

The older kids have been coming off their bus, gobbling up their snacks, and throwing on their swimsuits to get outside and play! Here is Jordan and Cole enjoying the sandbox:

Upcoming this week- we are still going to be talking about gardening with a focus on BUGS!


Mara Campbell said...

It looks like your daycare is tons of fun, Jodi!! I really love your photo wall, what a cheery board!!

Aimee Kidd said...

What a fun little place you have there!! Can I come join in on the fun?!?! ;)

Anonymous said...

Emily loved planting the veggies. Now we just have to make sure she tries those radishes!