Monday, June 4, 2012


Yes, that's me! I am throwing my hat in, and trying out for the design team over at MAY ARTS!! Everyone who knows me, knows I am a ribbon junkie. I have TUBS and  BINS and BUCKETS full of ribbon... and it is so not organized... I know I have some MAY ARTS ribbon in there somewhere, but for the purpose of this submission, I picked general ribbon that would compliment my projects!  You can see the full catalogue of ribbon that MAY ARTS offers: here! Their selection is amazing, and I drool (okay not really... )... every time I cruise through it!  Okay, let's go onto the first project! Many of you know, I run a home daycare, and since it is now summertime, we are in the backyard playing a lot! I decided to make a door sign to hang up so the parents don't have to come through the house anymore wondering where we are! I wrapped the door knocker with three different types of ribbon, and also used some twin for the butterfly trail and wrapped some twine at the top of the door knocker for some added colour:

My second project, is two projects in one! I originally was going to do a tutorial for making cute little flower hair clips! I had one all made and ready to go, but the great JINGLE beat me to it! I guess the encouraging part is that great minds think alike? hehehe! You can see her tutorial: HERE! SO... instead I incorporated  the flower clip in a ribbon weaved birthday card to give to a little princess.  Here is the card:

Here is a tutorial on how to achieve this weaved look on a card:

I used:  three types of ribbon, tape, and glue, and a 4 X 4 piece of matching cardstock. I cut 10 pieces of ribbon (five pink, and five teal) at approximately 4.5 inches long.

Step One: Add ribbon by starting a one end, and wrapped both sides to the back of the cardstock. Adhere with tape.

Step 2: Continue to do this until the entire cardstock piece is filled:

Step 3: Start weaving the other ribbon through the cardstock piece/ribbons. Adhere the ends by wrapping them around in the same fashion, and use tape to secure them.

Step 4:  Continue to do this with your ribbon until it is full:

That's it! Super easy and fun! Brings back memories of weaving construction paper, when I was little!  To make this in card I matted it onto cardstock, and then a cardstock based. To attach the hair clip, simply do not use adhesive in that area. I used Beacon's Fabric Tac for gluing my ribbon weaved square to cardstock. I stamped a senitment and added some bling for the finishing touch! I hope you enjoyed the tutorial!

Here is the hair clip  detached from the card:

And finally a cute picture of my daughter, Taylor wearing it this morning while eating her breakfast!

My last project I wanted to share with you is a layout where I used some TWINE! May Arts has a wonderful selection of twine that you can find: HERE!

I love twine as well, and use it on so many scrappy projects! For this layout I used Nikki Sivils, Audrey Collection and braided the twine for a different look! I also used the twine for my banners! Here is the layout:

A close up of the braided twine and banner:

I hope you all enjoyed my projects, as much as I did making them! Keep your fingers and toes crossed for me, and be sure to check out more inspiration ever day on the May Arts Blog!


Tina said...

I'm sending positive thoughts your direction - these are all super projects - I can tell you love ribbon! :) Best of luck!

Cathy said...

Fingers crossed! Awesome, inspiring projects! Good luck!

Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

These are all GORGEOUS!!! WOW!!! You amaze me! LOVING the weaved ribbon!! Good luck on the call!!

Wendy said...

All three projects are fabulous. Your step out photo's are GREAT!!! Good job!! Here is a link to my submission. I'd be so glad to hear you're feedback.

Have a great day!!

Rebecca said...

you rocked the ribbon Jodi! good luck with the call!

Teresa said...

Yay Jodi... my best wishes and lots of luck to you!! They would be so very lucky to have you and all your talents!
Yay again :)