Thursday, July 26, 2012

ARGGGGG MATEY! Pirate Week in the Daycare!

It has been such a fun filled week here in the daycare, and since Thursday is my "new" Friday this summer, I thought I would share with you some activities we did this week! 

Emily and Julianna dressing up today and getting ready for our treasure hunt!  For the treasure hunt today, I had clues of different toys for them to find at the end of the treasure hunt was a "loot" bag! The kids will have this to go home with- ring pops, candy necklaces, and toonie chocolate!

Jordan and Danica on Dress up Day

Josh on Dress up Day (well he dressed like this almost all week!)

Ryder had such a cute costume on, but wasn't in any mood to show it off :)

Lauren and Ryder having some fun on the slide in their costumes!

After the hunt was PETER PAN (love this movie and so did the kids!)... and then our pizza party and treasure cupcakes  (YUMMY!)

On Monday we made treasure maps

These were such a big hit!  We painted water colour paper with tea  and then I burnt the edges of the paper over nap time. After nap we added the map dashes and the kids added the stickers! Jordan even made a story to with her map:

This craft/cooking activity I found on Pinterest!  They turned out so cute:

We can't forget the pirate hats we made too!

Here the kids were digging for burried treasure:

And one last photo of Josh:

Have a good weekend! I will back soon with some scrappy inspiration for you!

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