Monday, September 24, 2012

Apples, Apples, Everywhere!

Last week, we were all feeling a little under the weather in the daycare, and even a couple of kiddos this week seem to still be fighting off the cold! But that didn't stop some of the fun activities that we did!  We had lots of fun doing apple crafts, singing the 5 little apples songs, eating apples (of course!), finding and hiding apples, counting apples, and more!  Here are some of my favorite photos of last week:

 Taylor is such a ham!!
 Yes she is a very lovey, dovey kiddo!  Grayson doesn't seem to mind though!
 Eskimo Kiss!
 The kids have been loving running around the playset.  We do running races right before lunch to get their energy out! They love it (and so do I!)
 It was red day today! Danica always had a cute red outfit on!
 Taylor and Matteo playing Basketball!
 We did some circle times outside! Here the kids are trying to count! I love how they figure things out!
Here's cute little Lily, in the middle of her apple craft, making an apple tree!

This week we is FALL FOR FUN! For the first time ever, we will be going on a field trip this Friday... can't wait to get out of the house/yard!

Tomorrow is my day up on the Ruby Rock-it Blog, so be sure to come back for a looky!

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