Saturday, October 13, 2012


It's sneak peak time over on the Bella Blvd blog, and I have to say I am SUPER excited about this new collection!  Stephanie has done it again, with an exciting, trendy collection that everyone is going to LOVE!!!  Here is the sneak peak on the blog today:

LOVE the colours in this collection! EEEKKKKK!!! Super exciting!  The full reveal will be happening next week, but until then, check the blog for more inspiration!!

Yesterday, I was up on the Ruby Rock-it Blog too, but Friday's always seem to get away from me!  The last day of the week, and I ended up being super busy throughout the day, and then took Jordan to see a basketball game.  Got home, and went to bed early.  Yes, no scrapping time on a Friday night, which is highly unusual! hehehe! So here are my Ruby Rock-it Projects, using the Bella! Boutique Family Range:

You can see more details on the Blog post: here.

I finally got caught up on photo printing! Do any of you ever let them all pile up???  I am usually pretty good, but this week I printed over 150 photos! Yikes!! That is a lot to get scrapped!  After printing, I realized I didn't blog about our first ever field trip to the pumpkin patch in the daycare!  This year, I have no JK/SK students to get to the bus stop in the middle of the day (first time in four years!), so I haven't had to get a helper in the daycare, which means I have been able to take less kids during the day.  This of course leads to me only have  4 kids on the odd day! I was super excited too, because my husband was working afternoons, and we were able to Taylor and her three daycare friends to the pumpkin patch at the end of September! It was a BLAST!! They loved, we loved it! I love getting out of the house, you can only imagine, especially in the winter here, I feel like a hermit... hehehehe!  Anyways enough, blah... blah....blahing.... Here are the daycare photos for you....

Lots going on this weekend :).... Basketball practices and games for the kiddos, dinner with friends, errands, and hopefully a family trip to the pumpkin patch (so stay tuned for more fun fall photos!)... Have a great weekend everyone!


Teresa said...

These pumpkin photos are just so cute! It looks like you had so much fun with all the kids... Have a great weekend and hope you do something fun :)

Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

Just saw the sneak on BB blog!! LOVE it!! And LOVEEEEEEEEEEEE your lo and card!! GORGEOUS colors!!!! And those photos.... ADORABLE!!! LOVE THEM!!!!!

Mendi said...

Love your layout and these pictures are adorable! They will be so much fun to scrapbook! :)