Tuesday, July 2, 2013


Well it has been a busy week, with the end of school, moving, settling into the new house, setting up the daycare, celebrating Taylor's 3rd birthday, and having an open house in the daycare, and FINALLY OPENING up officially today!  I have lots of pictures and stories to catch up with you all this next week so stay tuned!

This week on the Doodlebug Blog we are featuring some awesome ideas for creating Kids Crafts to fight that summer boredom!  my kids craft was featured yesterday- a favorite of mine in the daycare- paper bag puppets!

You can see all about my hints on creating with the little ones on the Doodlbug Blog. 
  • Use precut or pre-punched shapes, like I did for the the hearts on the ladybug and eyes on the bugs!
  • Use washi tape to create stripes on the bubble bee
  • Use Doodlebug brads to make moveable parts (like the wings on the ladybug)

Be sure to check out the Doodlebug Blog all week for more Kids Craft Inspiration!

Now onto how the MOVE went!  I have to say I really don't ever want to move again! It was a lot of work-especially all the daycare stuff and the scrapbooking stuff! The pre-move day we moved some things until midnight and then started again at 6 am! The movers were at our house the next day for two loads and there were MONSOON RAINS!!! There was flooding everywhere in our town.  I think we picked the rainiest day to move in  7 years!

I am opening up daycare today too- tomorrow I will be back with some pictures of the daycare... until then here is a preview:

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Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

Those are ADORABLE!!!! I love them!! And glad the move is over for you! The daycare looks great!!!