Thursday, July 4, 2013

Super Proud!

YES! That was me on the last day of school... and pre-move day... which is why it took so long for me to get these pictures done!  My kids school always does an awards ceremony on the last day and I was super excited to secretly find out that both Josh and Jordan would be receiving an award!

Josh was the first in the whole school to get called up. He received the Citizenship Award... SO SUPER proud of him! This is award is given to the student who shows respect, is helpful, does great things in the classroom, and is liked by everyone!  Josh is also super shy, and was happy to see us there, but had no idea why we were there too! Next year Josh, will be heading to grade 2, but at a new school since we are moving.  He will be going to A.K. Wigg School which is kind of exciting, since it is the same school I went too!  Here is a picture with his teacher:

Jordan also was called up and received the Proficiency Award - an award given to the student who receives the highest academic average in their grade!  This is Jordan's THIRD year getting this award which makes me super proud.  She rarely needs any direction for homework, and often creates her own projects and learning assignments. She is such a hard worker, and I am super proud of her! Next year she has decide to go to French Immersion at a different school- she is excited and nervous and has been practicing her french! I know she will be successful at whatever she decides. Here she Jordan getting her award, and a picture with her teacher:

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Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

How wonderful on their awards! Great pics!!!