Tuesday, January 7, 2014


Yes I did it again! I am attempting Project LIFE! I loved the (GULP) five weeks I did last year!  At that point thought I was disorganized, decided to move and had major renos to do on the house, and keeping up with my reg DT stuff. It proved to be too big of a task for me!  Soooo you ask... how am I going to keep up this time?  Read on to find out! BUT first I want to share with you my "start" page. I didn't even get this accomplished last year, so this was a major  feat by itself!

So one of my *to be organized* tips is to KISS (keep it simple stupid!)  I was really concerned with DESIGN and overall impression... this time around, I really just want to tell the story!  I have the PL Honey Collection and some grid cards and mixed some Jillibean soup letters and corrugated people to create my title page. I love how it turned out! I love how simple it is, and still ME!  One last thing... NO POP UPS! Thats right no foam tape, nothing! For those of you who know me I go through this stuff like crazy on my layouts... but if I really want to create an entire album that is going to fit... i promised myself not to use any!

Now onto week one:

One thing I did do is get a photo printer to help print out my photos! Before I was driving 30 minutes away to print out the photos, and this was a task in itself!  Another FUN thing is I have a cell phone now so lugging around my big camera isn't needed (as much!) to capture all the moments that I want to capture!

Some detail shots:

 Some more Honey Collection as well as some Echo Park Photo Freedom going on here!

 I cringed... yep! I got tape on my photo... but I still put it in... yep... just tell the story is my main goal, right??

Digging into my stash is easy now that I have my PL cart :)  My Christmas present to myself:

YEP! Love this cart!! On the side instead of ribbon I have my washi tape in the top slots I stickers, Elle's Studio, cards, Grid cards etc... LOTS of fun stuff.... In the three drawers--- Dew hickies :)  bits and bobs (flair, buttons, die cuts, and more fun!)... in the second drawer... favourite stamps of mine for PL... and the bottom  my PL Honey Collection, Photo Freedom, and anything else that I think might work too!


Anonymous said...
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Sharla said...

Love your title page and the weeks that follow, everything has a pleasing look and feel to it! I also LOVE that cart!! :D

Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

Love love love your pages!! These are gorgeous!!! Loving the colors and the photos!! And love love love love love your new PL cart!! That is AWESOME!!!!!

Mendi said...

You're off to an awesome start! Especially loving your fun cover page! :)