Saturday, March 15, 2014

March Inspiration Elevator

You may recall that the purpose of this challenge group is to take our scrapbooking to the next level, to stretch our creative process and to grow as artists by embracing challenges that make us think, work and extend ourselves. You can view all of the challenges at our Inspiration Elevator Blog, here. Our challenge this month was posed by the very talented Ann Jobes. Here's how she expressed this month's challenge: First, for those of you who are getting tired of journaling-based challenges, I apologize. This idea has been cooking since the fall (just not articulated). 

My daughter subscribes to the Dance Spirit magazine and I sometimes browse through it, too. One of my favourite monthly features is an article that features a different dancer each month, some photos of that dancer, and a description of their current work, and (the best part!) a letter. The theme is a Letter to My Teenage Self. The content ranges, depending on the dancer and his/her experience, morals, ideals, etc. So this month's assignment is to write a letter to your teenage self. You can take any approach you'd like to this - scrapbook page, art journal page, canvas. However the prompt inspires you. And your content is of course up to you, as well. Some topics might be: what would you try to teach yourself? Or, what would you counsel yourself to do or not do? This does not have to be a page about regrets. It could be about congratulating yourself on something you did right that has contributed to who you've become today.

For this challenge I didn't really have much of an idea.... and then I actually forgot I had this challenge to do (yep I haven't done before!)... SO then I went into full panic mode! Usually for these challenges I hum and ha about them for a good 2 weeks before diving into the acutal layout, now I had limited time. I have to say I started by finding the one old photobook I had of photos of myself as a teenager (and there were not that many!) I opted for a picture of my best friends and I when we were about 16 or 17.  We were best friends since we were six years old, and we are STILL best friends today. Its funny too, because in many ways, we are opposites of each other, but yet we always seem to understand each other. Anyways back to the challenge! So I started with this photo that conjured a lot of old feelings about growing up. I came up with this layout:

I knew the collection I wanted to use as soon as I picked out the photo. I created my own stencil to add the misted hearts and layered on with Amy Tan's ONE (I have to say LOVE this collection!) I love the little type written words too: Love the life you live, live the life you love!

One reason this collection was perfect was because as a teenager I was a free spirit. I didn't think about consquences too much, and I LOVED life. I was always up for an adventure, and my motto was-you only live once! I was fortunate to have a great group of friends (that are still my friends today!); One thing I did wish that I would have changed was to take the time to be with my sisters more, especially Tammy. I didn't make ANY time for them. I was too cool for them (at least in my teenage mind I was!) So I didn't go shopping with them, or watch a movie with them, I was too busy with my friends.  Sports were a big part of my life, and I played them as much as I could, I had a great job, and I was busy with life and I loved it! I was the one in the group that wasn't afraid to do anything. Sometimes I look back and wish I still had that carefree attitude!  Anyways here's the journaling

Some other detailed shots:

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We would LOVE to see you take up Ann's challenge this month, so if you do, please share it at our linkup on the Inspiration Elevator blog.


Joanne said...

Love, love, love it! You continue to amaze me with your creativity! I love all of your elements and your reflective journaling!
Joanne xo

Ann said...

I love the colour combos and how you worked with this collection and your older photo. Your misting is lovely, and beautifully placed. What a fun layout that portrays that carefree spirit!

LisaM said...

Ahh to be a teenager and carefree again:) I think you and I would have really gotten along in our teenage years, or maybe gotten into trouble;)
Love your approach to this challenge!

Ashley Horton said...

Awesome photo and layout, Jodi! Love how you used the inspiration from the article for the theme of your layout!

Tracy Penney said...

Beautiful layout Jodi.

Laura said...

wow Jodi such a great page, love your take on the sketch and your heartfelt journaling

Michelle Hernandez said...

Beautiful page!! I love the typed background and the colors are fantastic!