Thursday, March 11, 2010

Where have I been?????

Okay its been WAY TOO LONG... and yes... I have a VERY good reason for why I have been absent.... it all can be told here:'

Yes... another little Wilton to add to our Clan! It has been a VERY long road to get to where I am today... For the first three months, I was sick... ALL the time... and looking after my daycare with 7 kids in it, made scrapping nearly impossible. We told my family and friends on Christmas day, and to much shock to them, they were all excited once the news sunk in!

We told Jordan and Josh too on Christmas morning! We had a little baby stocking and a picture in it. Of course, my daughter thought the stocking was for her "baby alive"... and then once she looked at the ultrasound picture, she thought it was a "mole"... we were having.... but then the excitement set in that she was going to be a "big... BIG sister" now... Josh really didn't care, and just wanted to get to the good stuff- the presents from Santa!

After my 1st trimester, I got VERY sick with migranes, headaches, and cold, cough that lasted for nearly 3 weeks, with next to no sleep, keeping my up at night... In January I had ONE good week... and then another cold hit me so hard, it was hard to work! I finally got my doctors to get me some antibiotics, and cough syrup... and even got some blood work done, to discover, I had severely low iron, which EXPLAINED A LOT!!! As a result of being so sick, I resigned (THAT WAS SO HARD!!!) from all of my design teams.... but... now its been a month, and I am feeling SOOOO much better!!! I can't wait to jump right in again... and scrap, and catch up some old friends... and make new ones!!!

I got my scrap groove on again slowly with taking the GOT SKETCH CLASS... LOVE the sketches there, and its been a smooth tranisition!!! I can't wait to scrap some more now...

Oh ya... the baby... is... another Wilton Girl! We are all so excited to have another girl in the family... and as my daughter puts it- if we have to have a vote mommmy, there will be three girls and only 2 boys, so we will win everytime! LOVE her way of thinking!!!

Here are a few Layouts I have done with the got sketch class:

My LSS, also has reopened (only 5 minutes from my house now!!!!).... and I was so honored to design some Layouts for the opening! I still have a few more up my sleeve too!!! Here they are:

Hopefully it won't be as long till my next post!!!


A Sarasota said...

We wondered where you'd been! Glad you are ok now! and CONGRATULATIONS!!!

laterg8r said...

super congrats to you and your family, glad you are feeling better :D

love the pages :D

Tami said...

I am so glad you are finally feeling better. Wow another girl-CONGRATS! I am super uper excited to see you back scrapping again. I have already been inspired by these lo's Jodi. You are soo truly missed over at SO. Glad your back-no dont overdue it !

Rebecca said...

Glad to hear all is well, Jodi. Love your projects :)

meluv2scrap said...

Congrats on baby #5 and it being a girl!! Your work is just awesome. Love it all!!

Heather said...

congrats on the pregnancy!! i'm glad you're starting to feel better and i'm so happy you're back to blogging!!