Friday, November 5, 2010


Hi everyone! So my new thing that I have been trying to do is get some more "kid inspiration" up here for everyone to see! I know there a lot of us mom's, who are looking for new ideas, and something to do with your kids. I never really thought of sharing all the ideas and things I do in my home daycare, and with my own kiddies.... but I think it would be great to share some of the neat and amazing work that they do!

In my daycare we are a structured yet flexible home facility. Here is more about my facilty: Luv-a-Lot Daycare. I pride myself on providing everything that a large daycare centre would offer, but in a comfortable home environement... (yes my home is daycare/toy factory!) Each week we focus on a new theme, which there are circle time activities, ABC & 123 time, science and baking, crafts, and so much more. Each week, I am going to try and share some of the things that we are doing, and hopefully it will inspire you and your kids to try some of it at home too!

Last week's theme was Happy Halloween! The kids had a great time trick or treating at some of our neighbours houses, and we played monster twister, ghostly games and more! Here is our baking activity for the week:

The kids had a great time baking it, and helping me add the facial features! I think they enjoyed eating it more though (as did I!!!)

Our big craft for the week was PICTURE FRAMES!! We painted some wooden pictures frames I got at Michaels and then they added some cute die-cuts from K & CO...a s well, who could resist the candy corn for some colour splash! All of these frames were done by kids 4 and under!!! Crazy how talented some of them are:

This was my son Josh's (don't you just love how the candy corn had some bites out of it... hehehe... he says he didn't like the white colour!lol!)

I will be adding this photo to my son's:

Finally I got through making 50 plus LOOT BAGS for Josh's class, Jordan's class and the daycare kiddies... after all that too, I FORGOT to take a photo of them... but I did take a picture of the tags. Jordan made ALL of hers by herself- from using the cuttlebug, to punching to stamping... how incredible is she!! Josh stuck some stickers on, and was done with it! hehehe!

This week, we are talking about NIGHT CREATURES!!! So stay tuned for next week's post!!!


meluv2scrap said...

Love the pumpkin cake---we always do a brownie. Great fun family stuff yall got going on. LOVE IT!

Rebecca said...

Fabulous cake and super cute kiddo crafts!

TracyM said...

thanks for sharing, Jodi. I love the tags!!!

Kim said...

these are just way tooo cute!!!

VanessaB said...

what a fun cake! love your projects. you are a busy lady! :)