Thursday, August 18, 2011

Home from Vacation and a winner!!

Hi everyone!!! Hope you missed me!! I had a fantastic time on my two week vacation, and am finally getting back into the swing of things!! First off I have picked a winner... so here it is:

Which makes:

Our winner! And since I'm a couple of days late posting, I am going to add in some more goodies for you Jessica! Please contact me at luvalotdaycare@yahoo (dot) ca

Did I mention our vacation was AMAZING! We had a fantastic time and here are some favorite photos from the last two weeks....

Jordan being the poser that she is!!

Josh learning how to drive the boat... HE LOVED IT!!!

Yes, that is Josh... entering the water by holding onto a tube during his tube adventure!! He went totally underwater and stayed there for what seemed like an eternity, but was probably like 5 seconds... I though FOR SURE he wouldn't want to go on again, and all he said to my dad who was driving "Grandpa, the tube is suppose to stay above the water not under the water!"..... Here is a photo of him on top of the water!

Jordan enjoying the hammock!

My sweet Taylor!

I have sooo many more photos, so I hope to share more with you in the next week or two!

In the meantime, I have been busy trying to get my house back in order from the two weeks away! We also had bunkbeds for Josh and Jordan delivered the day after we got back! Now we have so much extra furniture, that we have decided to have a garage sale this Sat... so i have been busy sorting through more things! (which won't stop for two days now!)... lol!
On top of that its Josh's 5th birthday party this weekend!!! ahhhhhh!!! But don't worry I have some scrappy things to show you in the next few days so stay tuned!!!

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Rebecca said...

Looks like an awesome vacation! Happy Birthday to your 5 year old guy!