Thursday, September 15, 2011

ROAR!!!! Dinosaurs Go To School at Luv-a-Lot Daycare!

Hi everyone! Every week, I am going to start to dedicate a post or two to what we are doing in the daycare.  Parents will be able to see their kids ïn action, and for all you scrappy readers, you might get an idea of some activities to do with your kids at home!

For the last two weeks, our theme was "DINOSAURS GO TO SCHOOL"  We have been learning about dinosaurs and the rules at daycare (or school).  We started our letters- and had our Letter A day!  Here is a picture of Taylor painting with apples:

She really LOVES to do her crafts (even if sometimes she tries to eat the paint *sigh*)

Today we learned a new song about dinosaurs and then did a dinosaur dancing craft! Here is Derek concentrating hard on making his dinosaurs dance:

I had music playing while the kids used plastic dinosaurs to paint with. After they glued on some dinosaurs, to end up with:

Yes that is Derek giving me his biggest Dinosaur Roar!!