Friday, October 21, 2011

My Little Pumpkins! (picture heavy!)

This week wraps up our Pumpkin and Jack-o-lantern week in the daycare! I love this week, as there is so many fun activities that we do, that its really hard to get to them all! My favorite of course is baking day & carve our pumpkins day!... Here are some photos:

 A couple of my afterschool kids deocrating our pumpkin cake! Yummy!

 I LOVE this photo! How sweet! Tessa and Seth you are adorable!!

 The crew busy at work!

 One cute little pumpkin!!

My other cute little pumpkin!  Below is LILY! She was the hardest work of them all, and wouldn't quit until all the seeds and "pumpkin guts" were out! Thanks for being such a big Help Lily!

 Tessa and the Pumpkin!  I love the pumpkin seed on her socks!
 Although Taylor is kinda of fuzzy, I LOVE her expression.. .you can imagine, how quick I have to be between putting that huge pumpkin on her, having pulpy and seedy pumpkin hands, and trying to get a photo! lol!
 LOL! I love that she is pointing to it!!
 Oh Josh.... I am so proud, I gave him a butter knife to try and cut the pumpkin himself! He did a great job, but decided he wanted a black pumpkin, and coloured it with a permanant marker... ... Derek helped him too, but was a little camera shy today!
This was too funny!!!

 I had to include a picture of one of my before school kids... Dawson.... you are a cutie!!

 Taylor, yes she likes to eat paint, glue, and whatever craft she can get into... and  she wants to do crafts ALL the time right now! (again another fussy photo though... the kid won't stay still!)
We did ice cube painting earlier in the week, with a pumpkin ice cube tray! I added a little pit of food colouring and voila! Josh of course wanted more colours and added more paint...

I still have a couple of layouts to show that I made this past week, so stay tuned for more this weekend!

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