Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Driving a Monster Truck???

Only in New Zealand would they let a 5 year old boy drive a monster truck. Yes, that is exactly what happened!  Yesterday, we arrived at the Monster Truck Place, and we all boarded the BIG YELLOW SCHOOL BUS MONSTER TRUCK:

I was scared out of my mind! I could handle a lot, but really, a monster truck?  Anyways, we all had a turn driving the monster truck! We drove up hills and down, and through a little river, over bumps so large, we got rattled in our seats.  The highlight though was when we went to the little oval loop, and ALL the kids were given a chance to drive. Josh was in his glory! He loves watching monster trucks, so can you imagine being five years old, and now being able to say to his friends, "yep, I drove a monster truck!"  He did everything, gas, steering, and he was amazing! Jordan did great too, she was as safe as safe could be, while Josh started off with a little bit of a heavy foot!(lol!). Taylor did great too! She thought it was like a walk in the park and fell asleep for some of it.

After we were given a chance to go on an ATV ride. Once again the smile on Josh's face was priceless! He rode with his daddy, while Jordan rode with Auntie Koren, and I stayed back with Taylor.  After we cleaned ourselves up, and heading to a nice restaurant to celebrate some big "birthdays" of the year. It was a fabulous day!

Today we are recovering from our excitement, and headed to the beach with our kids and Jack and Ben. We played around, and this afternoon we are going to head into town to either the toy museum or Puzzle World. Pictures from this morning at the beach:

Yesterday we went for a walk, so I had to add some pictures from that too! Until next time!

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Rebecca said...

So many cool experiences for the kids--they will never forget this trip!