Saturday, December 10, 2011

Up on the Gel-a-tins Blog and First Snow!

We finally got some snow that stayed on the ground, and to the kids delight it was "packy snow"!  Jordan and Josh and the rest of the school age kids here on Friday had a blast building snowmen, snowforts, and snowangels... I think they just wish there was more! Here is Josh rolling a snowball:

Jordan has this cute hat from Walmart, so I call her a little snow bunny! Here is her, acting the part:

Finally, here is Taylor, enjoying the first snow, surprizingly enough! She didn't complain when she fell a dozen times (even in the puddle!) What a trooper! 
 It was also Lily's 2nd birthday... so I have to include a cute photo of her:

And Taylor's newest thing is emptying out her drawer, and trying on not one but SEVERAL pieces of clothing all at once!  Starting to be independent already!

I was also up on the Gel-a-tins blog yesterday with this:

Be sure to find out all the details: here!  I have so much to do to get ready for our vacation... so its just a short and sweet post... BUT be sure to check back soon, as I think we might have an early Christmas visitor!

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Rebecca said...

cutest kids and gift tag ever :)