Thursday, June 28, 2012

Tribute to my sister... and LAST day of school!

What a mixed up of an emotional day! Today marks what would have been Tammy's 40th birthday... This day is always hard, knowing how important holidays were to her, and how no matter what we would always celebrate... this one would have been a big one... 40... Some days are harder than others, and some days I see bits and pieces of her in my kids.  A few days ago, my post went  up on the Ruby Rock-it Blog, and I wanted to save it until her birthday.   I created this layout and put my heart into it, and into the journalling... here is the layout:

And the journalling:
 Happy Birthday  Tam... miss you more everyday :)

Some happy new thought! Today was the last day of school for Jordan and Josh.  Josh is finally heading into grade one, and will no longer be "stuck" in the daycare! He can't wait to get to go to school all day  (and either can I :)....  Jordan had her end of the year awards ceremony, and won the Proficiency Award again this year!  Highest academic average in her class!  So super proud of her!  She loves school so much.... a chip off the old blog, right?  hehehe!  Here are some pictures of her getting her award:

Also super proud of TWO more of my daycare kiddos- a big shot out to DAWSON and KENDRA BOC for getting the athletic award, and proficiency awards for their grades! AWESOME kids I have here :)....Now I embark on a journey of summer chaos... school age kids in the daycare! Lots of work to be done, to keep running the daycare AND provide lots of fun and exciting activities for the school age kids... be prepared for lots of inspiring ideas :) 


Rebecca said...

Beautiful layout and tribute. Congrats to your kids and hope you all have a wonderful summer!

Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

What a beautiful tribute to your sister! I loveeeeee all the hearts!! And congrats to your kids!! That's awesome!!!!