Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Push my buttons!

Some days, my kids can be more than challenging.  Jordan and Josh can be best buddies, and sometimes world war three breaks out here.  Taylor is the happy one of the bunch (so far!), and rarely gets phased by this (must be the third child thing!).... My patience wears thin some days, especially after running daycare.  They try, they try harder.... some weeks are better than others.... I thought it was about time I documented about this.  I usually always look for happy moments in my life to scrap about, but this is something, that I know, I won't forget, and now its documented! I used some old-ish paper for this layout, and ACTUALLY got them to pose for the photo.  Maybe they were in good moods too cooperate, or maybe they just liked making some angry faces at each other.  Here is the layout:

Here are some details of the project:

 I used mainly Echo Park Paper, and I LOVE the Pink Paislee Stamp Portfolio Stamp set! On either side of the arrow, I have little quotes that each kid says ALL the time... well at least it seems like it!  Alright, off to start Daycare!!!   Have a great WEDNESDAY!


Mendi said...

Such a great layout and thing to document. I can totally associate. My girls are 5 years apart, total opposites and they seem to fight about almost everything. The other day they played beautifully without a single argument and my husband and I were pinching ourselves. :)

Cathy said...

How cute is this?!?! Love that you documented this and love all the little details!

Christine said...

I need to do one of these too! Love it!

Monique Liedtke said...

Awesome page!!! And it's the same here! I should do a layout about it too! Love the design with he said, she said!