Monday, September 1, 2014

September & Catch up...


Well, I FINALLY got a laptop, so I thought there would be less struggle with getting posts, editing etc.... and in time it will be awesome... but the last couple of days I have completely struggled with learning everything new on here... Phew... something that usually would take me 15 minutes too, would take a couple of hours.  Hopefully now I have most of programs in place and writing up blog posts are going to be an absolute breeze now?!  Right?!a

So where did August go?  For me it meant that I busy  in the thick of things with the kids.  Taryn was away for a MONTH... yes, I said a MONTH... and it was super hard... not much got done on the scrappy table with daycare being run at full blast this summer.  The kids were involved in camps, and we even got away to Toronto to visit some family.  All in all not very relaxing, but it was still a summer.

Now, in 24 hours, two of my kids will be back at school (YES I AM THE MOM THAT WILL BE JUMPING UP AND DOWN!).... they are ready for some routine, and I am sure more pure craziness.  My biggest change this year will be little miss Taylor.  She is heading off to Kindergarten full time as of Friday. I know she is ready, but am I??  In some ways yes... I can't wait... listening to her cute and sometime too much of a loud, happy, squeaky chipmunk voice all day, every day, is enough to leave me a splitting headache.... but to know your last is gone... breaks my heart... no more afternoon cuddles... So stay tuned as the week unravels!

A week or so ago, I was up on the Doodlebug Design blog, and now that our computer issues are fixed, I can get posting and play catch up with you all!

.We were to be inspired by a project that was previously done on the Doodlebug Pinterest page... I chose the brilliant Melinda Spinks!  Here is what I came up with:

And here is Melinda's layout:

I loved how she kept the colors in four spots in the circle, and to make this technique work for me I decided to go for a square and then use the colors in the photo to blend it all together.

I used a variety of embellishments: Stickers, Sprinkles, Buttons, Twine, Washi Tape from a variety of Collection New & Old!  That is my most favorite thing about Doodlebug... the colors of old and new collections can always be combined for something unique, fun and fresh!


Jayne said...

Gorgeous page Jodi, fabulous design. Good luck tomorrow!

Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

Love love love your lo! LOVING those colors!!!!!