Thursday, July 16, 2015

Kids Craftin' with the Stamps of life

Hi everyone! I was cruising through my blog and instagram and realized I didn't post about how to make your stamps into crafts for your kids! I am going to try and make this a monthly feature for my blog readers and hopefully some of you will be able to get some fun ideas to use your stamps in different ways and to fight that summer boredom!

We made this craft during our "pet" week in the daycare!  It uses one of my favourite stamp sets so far: cat2stamp ! I love to use Stephanie's designs, especially the bigger stamps to create fun projects for my kids in the daycare! This craft we did awhile back, but you will get the idea

First step is stamp the image on a white sheet of paper in the top left hand corner.

Next is to place it on your printer/copier and change the settings to increase it so it fits the page.  You may have to print a few times, changing the % increase in order to get the size that works!  I then take the larger image and photocopy it enough times for the kids in the daycare (be sure to use cardstock if you are going to paint on it!).

Next up, is to get the kids to paint them! We chose a brown colour to paint today!

Once it is dry, you can cut them out for the kids, or for the older kids, they can cut them out!

Finally you can add the details to the craft! You can choose whatever you what! For this craft, we used googly eyes, puffy paint, stickles, and white yarn! So fun!

So even the kids can have sun with the Stamps of Life!  Here is another craft we did with the whale2stamp set:

Same applied to this craft! But we added eyes and a cute smile!  They are so cute!!

Hope to bring you another Kids craft next month with the Stamps of Life!  Enjoy your crafting time!


Mendi Yoshikawa said...

I bet they had so much fun--They turned out so cute! You're Moms must love you--You look like you run one happy and efficient day care. :)

Jennie said...

So much fun!! What a great idea and know the kids just loved it!