Friday, September 23, 2011

Apples, Apples, Everywhere!

This week in the daycare, we have been learning all about apples!  This is one of my favorite themes of the whole year! One reason is there is so many crafts and learning activities to do.... and I LOVE making applesauce with the kiddos!  This year I used a slow cooker recipe from this site: A YEAR OF SLOWCOOKING.  I have to say the kids did a fantastic job!  Here are some of my favorite photos:

 Taylor loved stirring the apples (and she liked sneaking them too from the looks of her mouth!)

 Josh, was once again a BIG HELP! He has really become a little teacher this year being in SK. Grayson and Derek each got a turn to add some ingredients too!
 Lauren is the newest addition to Luv-a-Lot Daycare, and she is doing great with her first full week of daycare under her belt now! She REALLY LOVES apples, playing with them and eating them too!
 Tay's little boyfriend Seth is quite the funny little toddler right now! I think he ate two apples during the whole process of making the applesauce (I think he would have continued to eat seeds, core, and stem if I let him... I know mom isn't surprised!)

 This is mini-Josh or Grayson,  he loves doing WHATEVER Josh is doing... Such a cute photo of him!!

Finally (this was from earlier in the week!)  during circle time, but it is soooo cute!  We were learning the parts of an apple- Here we have Julia, Taylor, and Tessa! Taylor kept looking at the labeled learning card and the apple I sliced in half, it was so cute to see her exploring and learning!

Next week we start our first week of  FALL FUN! (another favorite of mine!)
I have some scrappy stuff to show you soon too, so stay tuned!


Mara... said...

What a fun projects for your kids, Jodi!! You take such great photos of them, too. So so cute. Your days must be busy but filled with so much fun, too!!

Aphra said...

How fun are you!!! What lucky kiddos to be at your daycare. I'm off to check out that applesauce recipe. :)

Rebecca said...

SOOO cute! My son recently made applesauce at his preschool and it was a BIG hit with all the kids there too :)