Monday, October 10, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving to all my Canadian followers! This weekend I didn't do much as my allergies hit me this weekend, like a ton of bricks. I am surprised I got the energy to get up and cook a turkey!  It was a nice and quiet Thanksgiving, with my mom visiting us.  

It was my turn on the Momenta Blog today! You will have to excuse "me" in the picture! Yes, I scrapped me, but only because I caught (what I thought) was a huge fish! It was all very exciting for me in the kids! The bad news, I was in my P.J's... and I didn't brush my hair... oh what a moment!  Here is the layout:

You can see all the details of the layout on the Momenta Blog!


 and in the Daycare....

This past week in the daycare, we have been talking about "GIVING THANKS", and what we are Thankful for... All the kids had such cute responses... usually it was mommy or daddy, or my sisters. We all learned how to gobble like a turkey, and of course the weather was sooooo nice we played outside as much as we could!

Another new cutie started over the last couple of week! Lily is such a sweet and happy girl! Here is her crafting away:

With the nice weather lately, Taylor has been running herself silly outside, and when we come in for lunch, she falls asleep, almost immediately:

This week in the daycare we will be learning about SEASONS! 


VanessaB said...

congrats on "the big one"- the LO is fantastic with fun fishie goodness :)

Rebecca said...

love all the details like the fishing line and fly.